Is Black Friday Contributing To An Increase In Waste?


Every night on Thanksgiving to the night of the day after that, consumers have crowded stores in order to save big on one day sales known as Black Friday. Black Friday has been a successful shopping event for consumers and sellers due to the tremendous discounts some stores put, resulting in great deals for consumer while stores receive profits and revenue that exceed those of the previous years. However, because of the holiday craze for deals such as appliances, clothes and technology, consumers are more prone to buy things that may not be necessary. One example of this may be where a family decides to upgrade their 32” led tv to a massive 60” led tv because of a 40% off discount. The outcome of this is that the family no longer needs their 32” tv so they decide to throw it away. The old tv goes into a landfill thus decreasing the amount of space the landfill now has. Similar to the scenario presented from this family, there are countless of other consumers who discard their old belongings because of the new upgrades they get from Black Friday.

The gist of the problem pertaining to Black Friday is this: consumers buy/upgrade items, they discard their old items buy throwing it away (For this blog, recycling/ selling/giving away old items is not a factor), the thrown items accumulates and must go into landfills, cycle repeats every Black Friday (Not including other holidays or regular shopping days). Because of special deals such as Black Friday, landfills and other garbage disposal sites are getting filled up with old items that have been replaced. In theory, Black Friday is harmful to the environment because it promotes consumerism which leads to old items being replaced, thus requiring the old items to be thrown away.

Not to be a hypocrite but i went Black Friday shopping too, but it was to buy snacks for the dorm!


8 comments on “Is Black Friday Contributing To An Increase In Waste?

  1. taechiholic says:

    During Black Friday, I noticed that many people bought items solely because they were cheap. Some items that they buy may not even be necessary. After Black Fridays, the return line is also very long because people realized that they bought things they did not need. I think we should only buy items that are needed so that we are not using more materials than we need to.

  2. CJLeonard says:

    Interesting article! However, I think that Black Friday really isn’t to blame. It’s merely a symptom of our throw-away, consumerist society. We are chronic overconsumers. Black Friday is simply provides us with another excuse to shop. As does Christmas. And Halloween. And Memorial Day. And.. well you get the picture.

    • Vu Hophan says:

      Yeah, I have to agree with you on the problem not being Black Friday. However, I do think that Black Friday contributes to our throw-away society because of the crazy sales and deals.

  3. Theo says:

    I do agree that Black Friday sales lead to unnecessary waste. People are in a rush to get rid of old equipment and simply throw it in the trash without knowing the pollution effects in landfills. On Black Fridays, stores should incorporate some type of trade in discount towards new items.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I’ve always looked at Black Friday as a waste of time; the discounts are mostly on items people don’t need anyway! It’s just a way to get the consumer in the door and purchase things that aren’t on sale or purchase more than they originally planned just because it’s a few dollars cheaper. It’s interesting that you’d think of the negative effects this “holiday” has on the environment… what an eye opener!

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