Aquaculture: Sustainable or No?



Aquaculture farm


Is aquaculture, the method of farming aquatic organisms, viable in today’s society? Aquaculture has been around since the 1970’s as a means of supporting the increasing demands of fish and other aquatic organisms for human consumption. Although the idea of farming fish to sustain human consumption is appealing and very similar to farming livestock, aquaculture has brought many negative environmental problems with its use. Problems associated with aquaculture range from the introduction of alien fish species, feeding farmed fish with natural fish stocks, and a wide range of other issues. 

The introduction of alien fish species among other fish species is a result of accidents in which aquaculture farms accidentally release the farmed fish out of their cultivated areas. These fish may then make their way into areas populated with other fish species and thus compete with them for survival. Additionally, another problem associated with aquaculture is the debated topic of feeding farmed fish with natural fish stocks. By feeding the fishes that we farm to eat with other dead fish, we are essentially losing fish in the end. 

In total, if humans are to employ the method of aquaculture for consumption, we must view the positive and negative aspects resulting from this process. Is it sustainable? Many environmentalists and scientists will argue that it is not while others will argue that it is. In the end, we must look at the long-term effects on the Earth and how we must be aware of our impact through this method. 

Interesting article on Aquaculture in current news:

One comment on “Aquaculture: Sustainable or No?

  1. I found it interesting how in the link that you provide, the writer mentions that Stanford held a contest that challenged fisheries to be more sustainable. My blog post for the last week also talked about an event that Yale hosted that encouraged environmental professionals. I feel that universities definitely encourage people to work intellectually by holding these contests.

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