Unsustainable Water Usage – Residential Hall Bathroom


Lately, I have noticed that a urinal and one of the toilets in my residential hall’s male bathroom has a problem of unnecessarily wasting water. The urinal in my floor’s bathroom would flush right after someone leaves, regardless of that person flushing it. Additionally, in one of our stalls, a toilet randomly flushes throughout the day despite anyone going near it. Reflecting on these issues, the amount of water that is being used when not needed certainly adds up. I will give it my best effort to alert the custodians or whoever is in charge of the bathrooms to address this issue. Wasting water this way is definitely not sustainable because those unneeded flushes only increase the water bill and wastes water that may be used for something else.

Looking at this, the problem of water consumption does not just pertain to urban areas; it is a problem that relates to all aspect of life from agriculture to industry. Agricultural and industrial water usage constitutes more than half of America’s water usage. In addition to this, these two player in water usage certainly have unsustainable water usage such as growing crops which require lots of water or using water for machinery. Unsustainable water usage in these two major consumers must be dealt with if we are to ensure adequate amounts of water for every individual.


3 comments on “Unsustainable Water Usage – Residential Hall Bathroom

  1. taechiholic says:

    Sometimes, the automatic toilets flush after it has already been flushed, which wastes a lot of water. The randomly flushing toilet definitely waste large amounts of water. Thankfully, most toilets today are high efficiency toilets and use less water.

  2. kchou407 says:

    I have definitely notice that in the residential halls’ toilet, and I have been thinking the same things also about the water consumption use. I wish the toilet were less sensitive when they flush, hopefully they can fix that issue or make the switch to manual flushing.

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