National Parks- Why they are important



Everglades National Park

With the recent closure of the government, America’s national parks were closed to eager tourists. Fortunately, the government has resumed and the national parks are functioning again.

National parks are very critical in today’s society because they are priceless in the various positives that we receive from them. It is important to conserve national parks because of the biodiversity within each national forest. Some national parks such as Everglades National Park contains 22 endangered species If not for the protection of the park, these species may have became extinct. Additionally, national parks house species that are not found elsewhere in the world. Due to the protection of these parks, endemic species are able to thrive without fear of habitat destruction.

Furthermore, national parks are important because of the social values they provide. One of the common result from the conservation of a national park is that they provide tourism of the site. People are able to visit each park and immerse themselves in the vast landscape. Another positive outcome that results from the conservation of national parks are the aesthetic values it gives and the visitation of each park. Not only do national parks allow people to visit and explore them, they serve as a beautiful asset to a region. National parks are very appealing in aesthetics because of the grand and majestic scenery they provide.

Coupled with the few reasons above and many more not stated, it is critically important that we continue in preserving our national parks. It is our duty to preserve our national parks so that future generations are able to benefit from them as we have.


4 comments on “National Parks- Why they are important

  1. taechiholic says:

    It is very hard to find places where we can actually see nature. Humans have done so much altercations to most our land. The National Parks are very beautiful places and we should definitely continue to preserve them.

  2. linneaarden says:

    I actually used to live in Florida and one of my favorite things to do was to visit The Everglades. The nature is so beautiful and unlike anywhere else in the world. I do think it’s really unfortunate though that the area is struggling heavily with the infiltration of pythons, they’re ruining the entire ecosystem. This year they tried to combat the growing population of pythons with a snake-hunting competition that killed about 68 snakes.. Kinda hilarious, but not enough to eliminate the problem!

  3. Theo says:

    National Parks are a great way to experience nature and learn about the history of the area. When I drove to California from Texas, I went the the Painted Desert National Park in Arizona. It was very beautiful and serene. It is important that the US government keep these parks funded.

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