Coffee Beans: Possibly Endangered In The Future

Image Arabica plant

Yes, coffee beans may disappear by the end of this century if global temperatures continue to rise. Coffee beans, mostly that of arabica beans face a daunting future due to the increase of temperature. Arabica beans which are primarily grown in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya depend on “conditions that are not too warm, not too cold, not too wet, and not too dry” usnews.  In these three countries and elsewhere, arabica beans thrive and flourish due to the suitable climate and temperature. However, with the rise in temperature, shifts in rainfall and harvesting patterns are negatively affecting crop yields huffingtonpost.

If humans continue on the path of negligence of burning fossil fuel and increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, our daily consumption of coffee may come to an end. If we continue on this route, suitable temperatures may vanish and the coffee beans which consumers love the most, arabica, will cease to be able to be cultivated. In order to avoid this calamity, humans must live more sustainably and emit a smaller ecological footprint. Ways to do so are by walking instead of driving and going one day without meat every week. By walking, less fossil fuel will be consumed thus decreasing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Lastly, by abstaining for meat one day, potential CO2 and energy will not be  consumed due to the meat not being taken, thus requiring less production of meat.


4 comments on “Coffee Beans: Possibly Endangered In The Future

  1. CJLeonard says:

    Has the price of coffee already gone up in response to this trend? I’m sorry to hear that it will soon if it hasn’t. Part of my thinks that this is exactly the crisis we need to catalyze action on rising global temperatures: Threaten our coffee, and human ingenuity will surely come to the rescue.

    • Vu Hophan says:

      Uhm, I do not particularly know the answer to this question haha. From what I can tell, i don’t think prices have gone up drastically or gone up to the point where consumers start to notice. I did a quick google search and it is believed that with fewer harvests of coffee beans, especially arabica beans, prices will definitely increase in the near future.

  2. jingyiwu says:

    I have never known that even coffee beans are affected by the climate change. We use coffee beans almost every day, so it is really important for us to treat this change strictly and carefully.

    • Vu Hophan says:

      Yeah, this problem will be an eye opener for skeptics of climate change. Even though we are addressing the issue of climate change, more must be done if we are to make certain that coffee beans will be able to survive.

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